Note that this step is optional, especially if you are using GitHub. Patched also provides a default static analyzer for all projects.

Step 1. Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ tab using the top navigation.

Integrations Screen

Step 2. Click the ‘Configure’ button under GitHub, and you will be redirected to GitHub where you can authorize Patched to access your GitHub organization as well as repositories. Once you have configured and saved the access on Github, you will automatically be redirected to Patched.

Step 3. Static Analyzer Integration is optional, and can be enabled by specifying your SonarCloud, Snyk or Semgrep Teams API key. If you do not configure a static analyzer, Patched will run it’s own security analysis to identify issues to patch.

Step 4. If you are going to use Patched via the CLI agent, you can generate an API key to authorize the agent here. For more details, view the Patched CLI page.